01 twin cam knocking....

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    So I recently came back from a trip up north, 500 miles each way. Just changed all the fluids, bike was cleaned and ready to go. Jumped on the scooter and did the superslab run north, running about 75 mph for about 10 hours.... When I got to where I was going it was raining. My bike ran good and strong the whole way. I stopped at my 1st destination and enjoyed myself... a few hours later it was time to venture to a different destination and I started my bike and it was rattling something fierce. The knock/metallic rattle was coming from the air cleaner side sounded like valve train but hard to pin down. Once the bike warmed up the sound died down quite a bit. I rode it anyway. The next day I rode it about 3/4 of the way home but the sound got progressively worse. So I asked my bro to pick me up with the trailer. The whole time the bike ran strong. No power problem. So off to the mechanic.

    So now heres the prognosis. Rear exhaust valve was stuck in the rear exhaust valve guide and had to be beat out with a hammer. Seemed to be hanging up. No other damage apparent, decided to go with new exhaust valves front and rear, new guide opened up a extra thousandth, new rings/hone/gaskets etc. Also new lifters...

    So has anyone else come across this? Mech said hasnt seen it but 2x in the twin cams, a few more times in the evo's.... I have never heard of it happening to anybody. Whats your take???
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    on the older ones you heard of it but on a tc i havent heard of it
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    I add about 2 oz. of Marvel's Mystery to each tank full of gasoline. Lubes and cleans the stuff that only the gas gets to.

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    but is it safe with O2 sensors i heard no on a regular basis
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    I too use Marvel Mystery oil... 1/2 oz to the gal. of Gas. I put over 10K miles on my previous bike '07 Sportster & 2500miles on my '09 Heritage w/no ill effects & no fuel system problems. Per: Info it's made for gasoline. I feel it helps fuel pump, injectors, seals, ect...

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    i never ever herd of marvel mystery oil hurting an engine infact a buddy of mine had an old pan that was skipping and used alittle marvel mystery and the skip went away (ended up having to work the heads anyway lol) still thats some good stuff that will lett a valve seat on a completely worn out head!
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    Ah the wonders of MMO, all the "old school" wrench benders I know swear by it....I use it in everything,HD's cars,lawn mowers,aircraft.....thinking about trying it for my bad knee....LOL
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    I tell you, I was not sure about MMO, till I tried 2 oz in a tank of gas. It was not right away, but after a couple miles down the road I was starting to see a change. Now when I turn the bike off, and even for the evening. When I go out in the AM hours to crank her up. She fires right up on the first try.

    So I started thinking. Wonder what it would do in my engine oil. On their website they say to use 4 qts of you normal and replace the 5th quart with MMO. That is for a car engine, but what about our bikes, and how safe is it to say put in 3 quarts of oil and then 1 qt of MMO?
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    As much as I like and believe in the product (and I do) I probably would not use it in my crankcase all the time in that concentration. I never tested it, but I would guess the high temps would vapor off the "lights" in the oil and you will see "oil usage" on a small scale between changes. That's just a guess. But one thing for sure. Since Marvel is such a Great solvent in itself, I bet your engine would be immaculate inside with absolutely no sludge.:p
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    As good as MMO is, I would use less than half a pint in the engine oil in these bikes because of the effect on the viscosity of the total oil fill. Generally all you would need in the oil fill is a few ounces to do the job.

    Even in a car with 5 qts. I would still stay at less than half a pint of MMO at the most.