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  1. --Bonez--

    Disappearing Oil

    Ok guys seems like I got disappearing oil with no visible oil leaks anywhere.! Checked oil levels and it's only showing 3/16 on the dipstick... Fired it up for about 3 minutes and it went back close to the full mark... I haven't ridden in 2 weeks and it was showing on the full mark 2 weeks ago...
  2. Zelda The Welder

    Cam Tensioners chewed up Oil Pump?

    So I have 90K miles, with a 96" bored, top end rebuild at 48K on my 2002 Twin Cam Ultra. Recently the noise in the bottom end became impossible to ignore. I talked with a friend who said, no big deal, cam tensioners probably gone, just have a mechanic put in new kit, and get back to riding...
  3. S

    95 fatboy oil change

    hello, We have just acquired a 95 fatboy 1338cc and we are getting ready to do some basic work on it. When I started probing the net for things like the oil capacity things were not as straightforward as it is with cars and other brands of bike i have worked with. They were also very much...
  4. Dean Harvey

    Which oil after 1,000 break in on Street Glide?

    I've read several synthetic oil reviews and as we know opinions vary greatly. I have a new 2016 Street Glide and I'm coming up on my 1,000 mile break in service, of course the dealership is ready for my business and they are pricey. Whats your opinion on either myself or another bike...